Dhyān – Raum Überblick

Vegan Café & Bistro in Mainz

Dhyān is the place to go out to eat for vegans (and non-vegans) – we offer the biggest, most diverse hearty vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner in Mainz. Not only the meals, but most of our drinks are also homemade. Whether you are already a vegan or interested in a vegan diet, you will find something of your liking.

Dhyān is a Sanskrit word meaning awareness, and is used to describe the practice of meditation or thoughtfulness in the age-old Indian culture. Dhyān rightfully embodies our motive.

We are a vegan café & bistro presenting a unique lineup of the world famous Indian cuisine. Dhyān guarantees authentic taste. Our food tastes exactly how it does in its homeland. We have a whole range of dishes – from Indian breakfast to “curries” to extensive Ayurvedic meals. Apart from that we also offer hand-picked popular foods from around the world.

Through our healthy and delicious menu selection we aim to provide a place for people who have chosen to eat consciously, and at the same time spread the message of conscious eating. Nowadays people are progressively looking for healthier and greener food alternatives, and in-line with that we are offering a wholesome range of meals designed to benefit their well-being in the long-run.

We enrich our foods with thoughtfully chosen ingredients, especially spices and herbs, that make the food unbelievably delicious and yet healthy in a balanced manner. In a world increasingly dominated by pre-packed ‘cheap’ food for speed and extra profit sakes, we choose to lookout for the ‘best’ in terms of both taste and health.

At Dhyān we go down the tedious path of making quite a lot of things in-house, from scratch, using fresh ingredients. We also put great attention to handling food with utmost care & hygiene. We pour love into everything we do here, and hope that you will notice all the extra efforts that we put into offering you an unmatched quality & experience. We hope to find a place in your heart!

Tip: We have plenty of naturally gluten-free options. Use the ‘glutenfrei’ tag at the bottom of this webpage to see them.

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