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Things to Know About Dhyān

We do a lot of things different than what the industry standards are. Things that make us a class apart. Here are some things (and facts) to know about Dhyān:

1. We keep ‘the best’ approach rather than ‘the cheapest’. This essentially means that we use top quality ingredients, which are more than often on the expensive side.

2. We wish we had a bigger kitchen. At least twice as much.


3. Our Masala Chai recipe, since the beginning, has been exactly the same as at our hostel & bistro branch in Varanasi. But recently we have had to swap one ingredient – Tulsi – with Clove due to constant shortage in supply of the former.

3.a. In Mainz we have had to use sundried Tulsi leaves. In Varanasi we pluck the Tulsi leaves straight out of the Tulsi plant which is placed in the centre of our garden.

3.b. Chai is actually brewed in a pot over the cooktop. This is why, sometimes when the kitchen is extremely busy, it takes a while before your chai is served.

4. We got our main wooden Lassi churner shipped all the way from Varanasi.

4.a. Hand-churning Lassi consumes a lot of time and costs us more to produce. Using a blender would cut down on time by at least a tenth. But nothing beats the taste of a hand-churned Lassi.

5. Green Peas are the only ‘frozen’ veggies we use in our cooking. Olives, Sweet Corns and Babycorns are among the only veggies bought in glass jars. Everything else used is fresh.

6. We do not use canned foods whatsoever.

7. Aaloo (Kartoffel) Paratha is one of the most popular breakfasts in northern India. It is also our most sold item so far.

8. It took us about one year to find the shop at Gaustraße 9. We spent about 2 months hand-picking all the furniture, décor and on renovation.

8.a. We travelled to Siegen to buy the floor tiles currently laid in our bistro. It was just the one shop with just enough stock of just the tiles we wanted.

9. We initially wanted to open our bistro in Berlin.

10. As per the provisional regulation governing our shop, our counter cannot be moved to anywhere else than where it is now. Our plan was different.

11. We serve Mango Lassi only between mid-May and mid-July in Varanasi. That’s the peak Mango season in India. There you will also find some of the best edible Mangoes in the world during this time. Mango Lassi is served all year round here in Mainz.

12. Dhyān was initially launched as ITH Bistro, as part of our in-house bistro at the hostel in Varanasi. The idea to officially launch a bistro came just because our boarding hostel guests absolutely loved our food. Our move to Germany gave birth to the idea of starting a bistro here as well.

12.a. Unlike in Mainz, our bistro in Varanasi is vegetarian, but with quite a lot of vegan options.

13. The ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ wall-hanging near our entrance was actually a gift from a dear guest. The message of non-violence it bears perfectly compliments our motive.

14. The burger buns we use are sourced from Mayer’s bakery in our own Gaustraße.

15. We add Saffron in our rice for taste and for health.

16. Our logo, which looks like an E, actually denotes ‘DH’ of DHYĀN in the Hindi alphabet.

16.a. The green leaf next to the DH is a Basil leaf.

16.b. White, in Indian culture, denotes purity. This is embodied in our brand image with overpowering usage of white.

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