Here we have tried to consolidate and answer common questions we encounter. Please have a look!

Is Dhyān a vegan restaurant or vegetarian?

Everything we serve with the exception of Chai, Lassi, Mattha and Kurkuma Latte drinks are all vegan – all drinks, meals and desserts. The listed vegetarian drinks are also available in their vegan variants. Vegetarian or vegan is up to you to decide. We like to place ourselves as a vegan diner though.

Is this an Indian restaurant?

We have a wide range of foods from different countries. Indian food is our specialty.

Do you serve Indian curries?

Indian food is much greater than just curries. We serve quite a lot of dishes not found elsewhere in Indian restaurants outside of India. Some of them aren’t found even in restaurants in India. The closest thing we offer to a curry is Thai Curry.

Do you take reservations?

Only for groups of 6 or more people. For more than 10 persons please enquire about the possibilities.


Are you a take away joint?

We are a dine-in café & bistro. We can also pack your food to go.

Are you a fast food restaurant?

The opposite, actually – more like a slow food restaurant. We make almost everything fresh. The average wait time is 10-15 minutes. Some dishes, especially the Momos, are extremely time-intensive. Momos need at least 20 minutes.

Do you offer Chai Latte?

We offer the original Indian Masala Chai made using freshly ground spices. We have our own unique recipe.

Why is Mango Lassi so expensive?

Because of Economics. We wish we had more control.

Why do you charge extra for vegan Chai & Lassi?

Actually, we charge less for the vegetarian variants. Vegan is expensive. If we didn’t offer those drinks in vegetarian, those would all be standard vegan prices.

Is your Ingwer-Zitrone Tee made with black tea?

Yes, we make it using premium quality Indian black tea leaves. Upon request we can also do green tea (using tea bag) or without any tea at all.

Can I get custom-made cakes?

Absolutely! We offer vegan raw and baked cakes for your events. Depending on the kind of cake orders can be made as late as 1-3 days prior.

Do you accept credit cards?

Not at the moment. Sadly subscribing to a credit card payment gateway remains relatively expensive as compared to EC/Giro Card, making it kind of out of reach for small businesses like ours. As soon as it becomes feasible for us, we would be happy to extend the service to you!

I have never eaten vegan before. Can you recommend something?

Everything on offer at Dhyān is actually a good starter for anyone looking to dive into the world of veganism. All of our foods are uniquely delicious, appetising and enriched with healthy ingredients, mostly in the form of herbs & spices. If we would really suggest something, it probably would be Dal (India’s staple food); if looking for something familiar, then the range of our burgers would be a good choice.