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Dhyān is a Way of Life

One of the most important virtues of Dhyān is that it is inspired by a way of life practised for thousands of years. Our platter is of course contemporary which meets with the requirements of the modern human lifestyle, but our core values resonate with the needs of the human heart.

Dhyān can be best translated as meditation or mindfulness.

It is said that when we do something with meditation, we do it the best. Therefore, we, as human beings, should strive to act out of mindfulness. Everything we do – talking, walking, sleeping or eating – all of it should be done with full awareness. And when we are fully aware, we are in a state of meditation.

Food Prepared with Love & Care

Awareness is a highly regarded trait in the ancient Asian cultures, including and especially India. We, at Dhyān, believe in living with awareness – of self and of everything around us. This we try to harness in our work culture as well. So you can be sure that everything you eat and drink at Dhyān has been prepared with utmost thoughtfulness, seasoned with love and care.

Dhyān offers a specialized Indian menu which is mostly originally vegan. Apart from that we have also included some foods that we find dear from around the world – there is a bit of Italian, a bit of Chinese; bit of German, Mexican and British. And everything comes with a slight personal touch. If they’re not on our regular menu, you can find them on our weekly specials from time to time.

We’re certain you’d enjoy our food, drinks and the space and let Dhyān become a part of your new way of life – full of awareness.

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